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    Subway and high-speed railway track laying crane

    Short Description:

    1.The crane is light and flexible,easy to operate,and has the stable performance.
    2.It is easy access to platforms, Civil air defense doors and corners.
    3.The equipment connection is simple and reliable; the circuit and the hydraulic pipe connection adopt the quick connector, which is convenient to install and disassemble.

  • Rated load: 10t
  • span: 3-3.9m
  • Lifting height: 1.9m-2.8m
  • Headroom height: 2.67m-3.37m
  • Lifting speed: 0.4m/4m/min
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    1.The main beam can be hydraulically stretched and spanned. Between 3m and 3.9m, there are 5 groups of parameters to choose from.

    2.The mast can be hydraulically lifted. The equipment has a maximum of 3.808m and a minimum of 3.158m. There are several sets of parameters that can be selected.
    3.Running frequency control, lifting can be achieved according to user requirements for single-speed, double-speed and frequency control.It can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and precise positioning of the track panel.Large square power supply cable is used to solve the pressure drop problem,it can ensure that there is no pressure drop within 3km.
    4.Because of the realization of variable-speed operation and lifting double-speed control, gantry lifting and variable span hydraulic control,then simplifies the operation process, ergonomics and safety factor improved significantly.After the tunnel site conditions test, the cross hangers do not need to be disassembled within 9 minutes as soon as possible to complete the entire process of lifting, spanning, loading, and unloading of flat plates.
    5.Use high-standard configuration materials, the whole machine is light, small, and can lift large weight.
    6.Equipped with special cross spreader,can lift track panel and concrete pouring hopper.

    Parameter(It can be customized according to users’ needs)

    Project parameter Instructions note
    Rated load 10t 5T+5T Double hanging point,can lift and drop alone or together
    span 3-3.9m Span is adjustable Each level can adjust 20cm
    Lifting height 1.9m-2.8m Height can be adjustable Can adjust 7 level
    Headroom height 2.67m-3.37m   Can be customized
    Lifting speed 0.4m/4m/min Double speed Single speed 4m/min
    Traveling speed 5~20m/min Frequency conversion control Can be customized
    Lifting motor power 4.5KW*2   With brake
    Traveling motor power 2.2KW*2   With brake
    Minimum bending radius R150m    
    Cable drum capacity 200m    
    Cable drum cable YCW3*10+2*6    
    Max wheel-load pressure 40kn    
    Working temperature -20℃~45℃    
    Power source three-phase-five-wire50hz380v    
    Total power 16.4KW    
    Dimensions span 3.9mhighest L * W * H 4.3m×3.95m×3.808m
    Dimensions span 3mlowest L * W * H 4.3mm×3.5m×3.158m
    Dead weight 5.6T    

    The model specification of Type-LYPG12 series railway track laying crane

    Nob. Name Model Nob. Performance description
    1 railway track laying crane LYPG12-6.0 Variable span hydraulic controlthe portal frame lifting achieved by lifting device;the motor traveling by single speed;lifting by single speed.
    2 railway track laying crane LYPG12-6.1 Variable span hydraulic controlthe portal frame lifting achieved by lifting devicethe motor traveling by the control of Frequency conversionlifting by single speed.
    3 railway track laying crane LYPG12-6.2 The lifting and the change in span are controlled by Full hydraulicThe change in span is achieved by the lifting device);the motor traveling by the control of Frequency conversionthe lifting is double speed.

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