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    SEKR European-type Electric Hoist

    Short Description:

    1. Pole changing double-speed motor hosting with Three-in-one structure, stable and reliable operation, small volume.

    2. Modular design to realize the flexible combination.

    3. Highly efficient electric motor with hard tooth surface reducer, to achieve the low energy consumption and large output torque.

    4. The electromagnetic brake can adjust itself automatically with high precision, to achieve fast and reliable braking with low noise.

  • Load(t): 3.2~20
  • Span(m): 7.5~25.5
  • Lifting height(m): 9
  • Traveling speed(m/min): 3.2~32
  • Product Detail

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    SEKR European-type Electric Hoist, modularized structural design enables the optimization of force distribution, the promotion of material quality, the decrease of main  structure geometric size, the reduction of auxiliary mechanism, more compactness of entire equipment, Minimize the blind area, the reduction of whole machine weight. Then it can reduce the overall height of the workshop by one meter, and expense is further saved owing to further downsize building structure, basic cost, relative auxiliary mechanism system such as heating system, ventilation etc. and then the cost savings. 

    The electric hoist starts and brakes smoothly, the swing range of the lifting object is small, the positioning is accurate, and the operation performance is greatly improved.


    1.Dedicated electrical box, frequency conversion control, precise output, galvanized steel plate, protection grade-Ip55.
    2.Constant torque motor of 0~87Hz, matched with the reducer for precision assembly manufacturing and the brake with sensitive action, to realize the accurate smoothly material handing in the horizontal direction.
    3.Machine body uses the low alloy material, modular design. High strength forged wheel group by new alloy material, with high impact resistance and high wear resistance, has long service life.
    4.Four-probe stroke limiter dedicated for cranes, to realize slowing down before braking, galvanized tension rod can orient accurately, cooperate with the high strength and high flexibility galvanized steel wire rope, which is secure and stable.
    5.Highly efficient and energy saving electric motor, with a large output torque for stating and limiting, the electromagnetic brake with a long life span of 1million times can adjust itself automatically, to achieve double safety braking, high sensitivity and reliability. Alloy forged hook block, modular design, achieves the flexible combination.
    6.Reducer uses light weight reducer with Aluminum frame and hard tooth surface. Drum is alloy material and one-time molding process. Rope guide is nylon material with high strength to lengthen a longer service life of the steel wire rope.

    Technical Parameters:



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