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    Xinxiang cross-border trade demonstration garden opened

    The total investment of Xinxiang cross-border trade demonstration garden is 200 million YuanThe first phase covers an area of 50,000 square meters,It was put into operation in September 2016 and can be stationed in nearly a thousand cross-border e-commerce companies.

    The park is operated by Henan Yuyuan E-commerce incubator co., LTD, relying on the resources of top cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Google, is a focus on building an integrated and comprehensive cross-border trade demonstration park, is also China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone of  Xinxiang section of important carrier. The park has six functional areas (cross-border product exhibition hall, foreign trade comprehensive service area, cross-border e-commerce incubation area, leisure negotiation area, sports fitness area and multi-functional training area). It aims to promote the development of local characteristic industrial clusters through the agglomeration of export e-commerce in the park, Help enterprises achieve the global goal of cargo shipping.

    The core advantages of cross-border trade demonstration parks, in a simple way, is through the government’s five major support policies and Alibaba, Google and other comprehensive service platforms to achieve complementary advantages, build a closed-loop and cross-border e-commerce ecosystem with complete elements and complete functions for cross-border trade transactions. let cross-border e-commerce have talent, funds and information here.

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    Post time: Aug-10-2015