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    European standard double girder overhead crane

    Short Description:

    1.With a two-speed hoisting, traveling by frequency conversion control, double speed output.
    2.Stable and reliable operation, high performance and can realize high positioning accuracy.
    3.Suitable for the industrial operation with diversified lifting capacity, both indoor and outdoor.
    4.As the core of hoisting module of bridge crane, suspension crane, light gantry crane, crane for paper industry and other lifting equipment.

  • Load(t): 5~50
  • Span S(m): 7.5~31.5
  • Lifting height H(m): 12
  • Traveling speed (m/min): 3.2~32
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    Europe type crane design in specification, in addition to the basic design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance requirements and safety requirements, the crane made a series of improvement or further improved, make equipment more modular, intelligent, humane, operators to improve the working environment, improve the production capacity, increase the profit of the enterprises, promoting the development of industry constantly optimized combination.


    1. 1.component unit: the construction of entire machine is simple, which is divided into four parts: the main beam, the tail beam, the lifting unit and electric controller on the foundation of the maximum function by minimum component. The entire machine is free from maintenance.
    2. 2.Main beam unit:  adopting box shaped double main beam construction: the trolley operating track is installed on the upper cover of main beam, and track adopts cool-drawing special track steel, then it has low height, good straightness and flatness, ensuring the stable operation of trolley as well as reducing space occupied by equipment above track surface, increasing contact area with wheels, decreasing wheel pressure and extending service life of wheels.
    3. 3.Tail beam unit: the main structure adopts standardized and autonomous one-off weld-forming rectangular tube, so it owns good mechanic performance and stable quality. It is small in volume so it reduces the space measurement of crane as much as possible, lowering the total height of crane and saving the plant building expense. The wheel material adopts 40Cr, 45#forged steel or HT200 nodular cast iron, ensuring high strength, great pressure bearing and minimum diameter of wheel. Its operation is accurate and adopts frequency conversion driver, so the operation is smooth and stable, free from impact.
    4. 4.Lifting unit: The operation of frequency conversion driver enable the startup, operation and stop is stable and no impact. Lifting double-speed driver (the frequency conversion driver is optional) enables realizing the perfect choice for material transportation, unloading or assembly. The trolley is high standardized and with small volume, so its installation is simple and its performance is stable. The maximum space between hanging tool of trolley and main beam is small, thus greatly decreases static hoisting and saves the stack space of material.
    5. 5.Control unit: Main electric element adopts international well-known brands like Schneider and Simons etc, so it is high quality with good performance, its security is guaranteed. Control mode consist of: ground operation, air operation, remote control or the combination of above mode.

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