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    Electric under slung crane

    Short Description:

    1.Single lifting unit can reach to a maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons.
    2.Compact structure, low headroom, make full use of factory space.
    3.Stable and reliable operation, high performance and realize high positing accuracy.
    4.Suitable for the industrial operation with medium and small lifting capacity, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Load(t): 3.2~20
  • Span(m): 7.5~25.5
  • Lifting height(m): 9
  • Traveling speed(m/min): 3.2~32
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    The end carriage module of the European standard single beam overhead crane uses frequency conversion control of different speed output ,low impact, high positioning accuracy alloy rectangular pipe structure, large bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, the structure is very compact, imports of drive three-in-one, no noise, high efficiency, lifelong maintenance. Adjustable alloy wheels, high bearing capacity, long life, avoid gnaw rail. Famous brand bearing has long life, high reliability, convenient maintenance replacement.

    The girder module uses the steel plates made in famous steel manufacturers, after high precision CNC cutting, construction in the main girder special tooling platform, guarantee the girder camber and welding quality.

    The electrical control module is standard equipped with double C shaped slide, a bush-button provides mobile control. The optional ER series remote controller, break resistance, corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh working environment . Standard galvanized steel box, small volume, good heat dissipation, the aviation plug, convenient and fast installation and adjustment.


    1.component unit: the construction of entire machine is simple, which is divided into four parts: the main beam, the tail beam, the lifting unit and electric controller on the foundation of the maximum function by minimum component. The entire machine is free from maintenance.
    2.Main beam unit: adopting box shaped construction, both wings of under cover is regarded as operating tracks is increased, thus promotes the operating stability of hoist, efficiently solves the swing problem when hoist is running on H steel track, furthermore, lower noise and higher safety. Similarly, decreases the lifting space occupied by crane, and increases work space range.
    3.Tail beam unit: the main structure adopts standardized and autonomous one-off weld-forming rectangular tube, so it owns good mechanic performance and stable quality. Small volume reduces the space measurement of crane as much as possible, thus lowering the total height of crane and save the plant building expense. Its operation adopts frequency conversion driver, so the operation is smooth and stable, free from impact.
    4.Lifting unit: The operation of frequency conversion driver enable the startup, operation and stop is stable and no impact. Lifting double-speed driver (the frequency conversion driver is optional) enables realizing the perfect choice for material transportation, unloading or assembly. Screw pitch adjustment is adopted in installation of hoist and main beam, thus ensure more convenient and exact size match between hoist and main beam track. The maximum space between hanging tool of hoist and main beam is small, thus greatly increases static hoisting height and save the stack space of material.
    5.Control unit: Main electric element adopts international well-known brands like Schneider and Simons etc, so it is high quality with good performance, its security is guaranteed. Control mode consist of: ground operation, air operation, remote control or the combination of above mode.

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